Masks and Bad Breath: 5 Hacks to Get Rid of Bad Breath While Wearing A Mask All Day

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Face masks have become the new normal amidst the pandemic. And it is needless to mention how important they are to keep us all safe. However, they bring with them their own set of irritating issues such as foggy glasses, acne (or maskne), difficulties in breathing and more. But there’s another problem that no one likes to talk about - having to endure our own bad breath. Yikes!

While wearing a mask, you cannot possibly ignore your own stinky breath mixed with all that moisture underneath- the accumulation of sweat, breath, and the bacteria in your mouth. But before you throw away your mask, hear us out. Masks do not cause bad breath- they just make us more conscious about it. Unfortunately, bad breath from mouth has always been an issue but most of us never cared enough about it. However, now you can take care of it by taking certain measures to ensure that your breath smells fresh all day, even when your mask is on.

So, if you want to know how to get rid of bad breath under that mask, we’ve compiled some hacks that can help you -

  • Breath through your nose: Sounds obvious, but it is not. When you are wearing a mask, you unconsciously breathe more through the mouth, because your nose is covered. This leads to a dry mouth and reduces the production of saliva, which leads to accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. The result? Stinky breath.

  • Keep quiet and stay hydrated: We mean that literally. Talking can cause the mouth to dry up and reduce saliva flow. So, try to talk less, especially when you’re wearing a mask. Why is saliva important? Because it naturally cleanses the mouth and washes away the bacteria to keep your breath fresh. So, lack of saliva can lead to foul smell from mouth. So also keep your mouth moist by staying adequately hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you and take sips at regular intervals to prevent the mouth from drying up.

  • Watch what you eat: One reason for bad smell from mouth is the foods that you eat. Certain foods can contribute greatly to how your breath smells - pungent foods such as spices, onions, garlic, and the like can enter your bloodstream directly and cause a bad odour in your mouth. Since your digestive system plays a key role, make sure you consume foods that are good for your gut health. Taking probiotics supplements after consulting with your doctor is a good idea, or you can simply include a cup of yogurt in your daily meal.

  • Chew a mint gum: It is the simplest solution to bad breath, especially when you are wearing a mask. Keep a pack of mints handy when you are out and about. But make sure you choose a sugar-free, dental-approved variety of chewing gum. If you pop a regular gum that is sugar-loaded, it may give you better-smelling breath for some time, but it will cause teeth decay in the long-run and do more harm than good. So, choose the right gum and simply pop one in your mouth when the breath becomes too much to bear under the mask.

  • Follow a proper oral hygiene routine: Treating bad breath is easy if you follow a proper oral care hygiene. Not only is it essential to prevent bad breath, but it also prevents other teeth and gum diseases. Brushing twice a day is crucial - once, in the morning after waking up and then, later in the night before going to bed. Rinse your mouth using a dental-approved mouthwash. It will not only kill the bacteria but also leave a pleasant smell and taste in your mouth. Do not forget to floss later on, as it will effectively remove the tiny leftover food particles that can potentially create plaque and teeth decay.

So there you go! Now, you don’t have to struggle with your own smell of mouth under the mask if you follow these tips to stave off and prevent halitosis. Since not wearing face masks is not an option, you can make sure that it is bearable for you underneath the mask. Follow these hacks along with taking good care of your teeth, and you are good to go. Do visit the dentist periodically to check-up on your oral health. It is also super important to use advanced dental products such as the Oral-B electric toothbrushes to make sure your teeth and gums get the best treatment.

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