Here’s How You Check If Your Breath Stinks (Without Making It Too Obvious)!

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Be it planning a special evening with friends or an important presentation, this is one question that should ideally cross our minds but doesn’t - “Is my breath stinking?” You’re not alone - we all feel conscious about how our breath smells from time to time, especially when we are out or in social situations. But is there a way to do a quick check whether your breath is smelling foul? Yes, there is- and you can learn how to check if you have bad breath without making it too obvious or awkward. Here’s how to check bad breath discreetly –

Do a quick sniff test

This method surely works if you want to do a quick self-test for bad breath. There are various ways you can do this bad breath test. One way is to lick your wrist, let it dry for a second, and sniff it - you would know if your breath stinks. Another way is to take a floss or tongue scraper and gently move it towards the back of your mouth or tongue and then smell it. This should also give you a fair assessment whether your breath smells bad.

Ask someone you trust

If you aren’t too embarrassed, you can always ask someone you trust to check your breath for you. They could take a quick peek inside your mouth to see if there is a white coating on your tongue, especially at the back. If there is, then it is a sign of bacteria in your mouth and you know that your breath smells foul.

Taste your breath

If you can taste your breath, then yes, others can definitely smell it too. Usually when you eat certain foods like garlic or fish, it leaves behind a pungent aftertaste. This is a sure sign that your breath is stinking as well. It also happens when you have not eaten or drank water for a while and your mouth goes dry. When you feel a change in taste and formation of a thick, foamy saliva in the mouth; it’s a sign that you have bad breath.

Bad breath can happen due to a number of reasons, including a poor oral care routine, dry mouth, eating certain foods, or some underlying health condition. So, now that you know how to check if your breath smells, here’s what you can do to keep stinky breath at bay and avoid this situation altogether:

  • Follow a proper dental care routine: Think you can brush just once in the morning and get away with it? That’s not happening. Leftover food particles can interact with the bacteria present in the mouth and lead to plaque accumulation and release a foul odour. So, make it a habit to brush twice a day. Rinse off with a dental-recommended mouthwash to kill the bacteria in the mouth and lower the chances of plaque building up on the surface of the teeth. And brownie points for you if the mouthwash is flavoured - it will leave a pleasant aftertaste and fresh smell in your mouth. Do not forget to floss well both the times after brushing - use plain, waxed floss strips to ensure that it easily slides between the teeth and removes tiny particles or plaque in between the teeth.

  • Chew gum: Forget what you’ve been told in school - chewing gum can actually be good for you! Chewing gum can promote saliva production and prevent the chances of dry mouth, thus staving off bad breath. Moreover, gums taste and smell good anyway, so it’s a good idea to have a mint right after you’ve eaten something pungent such as onions, garlic, or spices. But make sure you pop a gum that is dental-approved and sugar-free. Chewing sugar-loaded gums can do more harm than good and damage teeth in the long run, which is definitely worse for halitosis.

  • Visit the dental expert: It is important to visit the dentist regularly if you want to avoid stinky breath. Timely dental check-ups and cleanings will help treat any underlying tooth or gum disease that can contribute to bad breath. Moreover, your dental expert can offer you useful tips on how to take better care of your teeth at home.

Bad breath can happen to anyone and it is completely normal! What you can do is improve your oral hygiene routine and visit the dentist once or twice every six months. It is also important to use superior dental products such as Oral-B electric toothbrushes that can provide professional teeth cleaning every day at home and help stave off not just bad breath but also a host of other teeth and gum diseases.

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