Surprising Reasons Why Your Child May Be Struggling with Bad Breath


If handling kids wasn’t enough, making them brush their teeth is another battle parents fight every day. Their developing teeth need a good oral care routine, not just for gum and teeth health, but also to prevent bad breath. While it is common for children to have bad breath, sometimes the reasons can actually surprise you. And them throwing tantrums or refusing to brush their teeth has nothing to do with it. Here are some of the reasons for bad breath in kids that you probably didn’t know –

Dry mouth:

Not just brushing, making kids drink water is equally tough. Children can be very active and run around all day, which leaves them with a dry mouth by the end of the day. Not getting enough water can reduce saliva production in their mouth, causing a build up of odour-causing bacteria. This leads to bad breath in children easily. Dry mouth can even cause bad breath in babies, and not just older kids. Reduced saliva can also lead to other dental problems, so make sure that your kids remain hydrated throughout the day.

Blocked nose:

This may surprise you, but a blocked nose and sinus can also make your kid’s breath smell. Sinus issues can cause fluids to accumulate in the throat and nasal passages, amassing a lot of bacteria in the throat. This leads to stinky breath that can’t be cured through brushing and mouthwash alone. If you notice any signs of a sinus infection such as postnasal drip, burning nasal passages and potential sore throat, visit the doctor at the earliest- your kid might need an antibiotic course to take care of the issue.

Infected tonsils:

If your kid persistently struggles with bad breath that does not seem to go away, take a peek inside their mouth. Perhaps your kid has infected and swollen tonsils, in which case you need to consult your pediatrician immediately. Healthy tonsils look pink and spot-free, while infected ones are inflamed, red, and have white spots. Tonsillitis can be one of the causes of bad breath in children, as this infection tends to smell horrible. This is because the bacteria can accumulate in the pits of the swollen tonsils and lead to bad odour.

Deeper oral problems:

Teeth decay and gum diseases can lead to bad breath in kids. If it has reached that stage, then brushing twice won’t suffice to get rid of that smell. Prevention is the best cure; Kids tend to love sugary treats, and sugary foods can lead to lots of leftover food particles and plaque in the mouth. These can lead to decay, cavities, gum disease, and ultimately, bad odour from the mouth. So, it is important to regulate their eating habits and if your kid has teeth decay, visit the dentist immediately.

If they have persistent bad breath, then it is a good idea to consult your doctor at the earliest, as it can be a sign of any underlying health issues. While it is helpful to look for bad breath remedies at home, prevention is always better than cure. So, it is still crucial to inculcate a good dental care routine in kids. Not only will it prevent regular halitosis, it will also ensure that the problem of bad breath does not get worse. Make sure you get your kids to brush their teeth twice every day and follow it up with a dental-approved mouthwash. Among the best bad breath remedies is to have them practice good oral care hygiene from an early age as that will save them many dental visits later in life. It is also important to have them use superior-quality dental products such as Oral-B kids’ electric toothbrush. This will gently but firmly remove all the accumulated plaque and give them dentist-level teeth-treatment.

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