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Oral health is as crucial for kids as it is for adults. But the challenge is to get the young ones to make brushing their teeth into a daily habit. So how about we turn it into a fun activity. Maintaining a cavity-free mouth doesn’t have to be a boring task. You just need to know how to engage your child for a lifetime full of healthy brushing habits. As the baby teeth will soon be replaced by permanent ones, an efficient cleaning routine is a must. So, let’s look at some exciting things that you can add to your daily cycle and make brushing teeth for kids an enjoyable time.

Why is Brushing Baby Teeth is Important?

Though your child’s baby teeth will fall out to make space for adult teeth, having a healthy dental routine is vital. The baby teeth might be temporary, but they hold spots for the permanent ones. In case of cavities or decay, removal of such teeth could reduce the space giving rise to crooked teeth. Thus, you need to begin taking care of your child’s oral health from day one. As your precious one starts growing up, you can switch to electric toothbrushes which help clean plaque more efficiently than regular manual brushes. With this, you kid shall have a healthy mouth and a pearly white smile.

How to Turn Brushing Teeth for Kids into an Exciting Activity?

There is an endless number of creative things that you can incorporate into your child’s everyday routine. Brushing continuously for two minutes can seem like forever to your little one. Therefore, you need to instil the importance of cleaning their teeth, so they do not brush in haste to get away.

Create a Reward for Brushing

You can develop a reward system for your child to promote brushing on a daily basis. Keep track of your little one’s progress by creating a calendar and mark the completion of your brushing routine. You can let them pick their favourite cartoon sticker to add on the calendar as a badge. If there are two stickers for each day at the end of the week, as a reward you can play their favourite game on the weekend or allow them extra fun time as a special prize. No way can they pass up on such an opportunity!

Play Pretend

Playing pretend can really help you inculcate the significance of children brushing teeth every day. After your daily oral care routine, encourage your child to brush their toy’s teeth for protection from cavities. You could also teach them brushing techniques and cleaning all surfaces inside the mouth with the help of a doll. This will become your kid’s regular pattern and boost healthy dental care.

Tune into a Song

It is very likely that your little one will have many favourite songs or nursery rhymes that get them excited. By adding music to your brushing time, you could groove to some fun songs while cheering your baby to brush. Cleaning will no more be a boring activity when you have such an enjoyable time!

Make Use of Fun Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes for kids come in vivid colours and cute designs to suit their likings. With Oral-B, you can get customised electric toothbrushes having their beloved cartoons on it such as Star Wars or Disney Frozen characters. The pack comes with four personalised stickers featuring the cartoon that goes around the toothbrush handle. Now, your child can have a fun brushing time with their favourite characters!

Brush Together

Parents greatly influence their children, learning many values and habits from the elders around them. Thus, you can make brushing time a collective activity so as to set a good example of oral health. Watching you carry out this routine every day without missing, your little one will learn a lot from you and will surely want to be like you!

Bring Variety to the Routine

Brushing every day with the same toothbrush and toothpaste can become monotonous. But don’t let it get you down! You can easily find unique flavoured toothpaste having different colours to make it interesting. Ask your kid which one they want to try every alternate day and make the morning routine an amusing one. But ensure your tiny one doesn’t swallow any toothpaste just in case!

Add Technology to the Mix

With Oral-B Star Wars and Frozen Electric Toothbrushes, your child gets rewarded with online stickers for dentist recommended two-minute brushing. What is more exciting than collecting the stickers featuring their cherished characters? The Disney MagicTimer App is a must-have which encourages children to keep brushing their teeth for a longer period. This innovative app can be easily downloaded by purchasing Oral-B’s Stages product! For kids of 13 years and older, you can turn daily brushing into a fun and shareable experience with Oral-B FunZone that has filters and animations. Download the Oral-B app that is easily available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for free.

Clean Regularly

Make it a habit to teach your child to brush regularly at least twice a day. Such a daily pattern can help them get used to the idea of cleaning without fail. By adding enjoyable activities to this practise, brushing your teeth will soon turn into a habit for your child. Thus, you can stop worrying about your little one’s oral health care!

Get Electric Toothbrushes

Children always get thrilled by new things which is why adding an electric toothbrush to the collection could be refreshing for your kid. The unique technology would be a fun experience and will also allow you to enjoy the cleaning benefits that come with using such a brush. There is a range of Oral-B electric toothbrushes to suit your precious one’s liking that offers superior cleaning and go gentle on their tender gums!

With this, you can teach your child to take care of their dental hygiene by engaging them while brushing. Get Oral-B electric toothbrush for optimal plaque removal and to prevent decaying of teeth. Your child can now enjoy their childhood by having sugary drinks and sweets with the dentist recommended #1 brand!

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